INSIST was founded in Germany in 2005 and is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, being one of the world's leading brands of professional e-sports equipment.

The design of INSIST is different from that of the traditional peripheral products, and it has been adhering to the design principle of fine workmanship, durable, excellent shape, and effectiveness comes first. From the perspective of ergonomic design, INSIST holds the opinion that keyboard, mouse, and seat influence the users’ health the most. As a result, INSIST conducts mold design by regarding keyboard, mouse, and seat as a whole, so that the mouse and keyboard will bring arms with natural balanced state, coupled with human body fitted design of seat, the feeling of fatigue generated in e-sports player by long-term training and in competition will be improved effectively.

INSIST is established for professional e-sports. Our mission is to constantly strengthen e-sports players’ equipment by our persistence, to improve e-sports players’ health status using our experience, and to help e-sports players to achieve their peak state via our professional design.

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