iNSIST G55 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Unpacking Picture Appreciation

The packaging colors of G55 Pro include black, green and white. It is fresher to add the green color. Different from G63, G55 Pro does not take the keyboard as the cover image. Instead, it uses green deformation logo of iNSIST and the head of a female robot full of science fiction color.

The back of the packaging still has dense introduction of characteristics in multiple languages, including CHERRY MX switch, independent backlight key, replaceable keycaps and N Key Rollover.

After opening the packaging, we can see the fixing form of the keyboard, similar with G63. Both of them use fixed gird with two plastic foams on the left and the right and wire on the top.

These are all the accessories, including one G55 Pro mechanical keyboard, one detachable gold plating USB line, one wrist rest, and one bag of replaceable keycaps (eight replaceable keycaps and one key puller), one cleaning brush and one user manual. The standard configuration of iNSIST keyboard includes the wrist rest, replaceable keycaps and cleaning brush.

Let’s see the G55 Pro mechanical keyboard. The dimension of the keyboard is 370×140×39mm. Compared with G63, the length is 10.4cm shorter and the width is 3.6cm smaller. It is smaller on the whole. It uses 87 keys without spare extended keys. It is worth mentioning that the characters are not carved on the surface of the keycap but on the side of it.

Right view of the keyboard

Left view of the keyboard

There are two stand bars on upper left and upper right of the keyboard back. Two strip non-slip rubber pads are pasted inside the stand bars. There are also two strip non-slip rubber pads below. Because the keyboard uses removable line, three-way wiring channel is provided on the top of the keyboard back to fix line.

Feel the front-printed keycaps at close range. There isn’t any character on the surface. No need to worry the characters will be worn and blacken. The sense of touch will be the best.

Keyboard details

The frame of G55 Pro continues “linear aesthetics” design of iNSIST series, with corner angles,   making the keyboard concise.

frame details

frame details

frame details

frame details

frame details

There are three indicator lights above the direction keys, including G mode indicator light, Caps Lock indicator light and Scroll Lock indicator light. There is a reverse “L” region on right side of the indicator light to increase the texture.

G55 Pro supports 6-Key/N-Key Rollover conversion by pressing Fn+Ins 6 KEY/Del N KEY.

The keyboard will not slide easily because of the stand bar and non-slip rubber pad on keyboard back, no matter the stand bars are open or close.

From the close shot of the keycap, we can see the “greasy” skin-type coating with perfect hand feeling and good light-admitting quality of characters, but it is easy to “become smooth”.

The attached replaceable keycaps are the same with that of G63. There is embossing in fish scale shape. The color matching of black and silver has good texture visually, but it is a pity that the replaceable keycaps do not support backlight.

G55 Pro uses CHERRY MX Red switch. The upper side of the switch is the logo of CHERRY and the lower side is LED light.

The large keys use balance bar.

The backlight color of G55 Pro is white and the brightness is adjustable in six grades by pressing Fn+ direction keys ↑↓. The first grade is default close; the second grade is moderate brightness; the third grade is high brightness; the fourth grade is breathing mode; the fifth and sixth grades have local backlight. The brightness in the picture is moderate of the second grade.

Local backlight at the fifth grade

It is the local backlight at the sixth grade. The above are the picture appreciation of iNSIST G55 Pro mechanical keyboard. If you like it, please pay continuous attention to IT 168 website. We will bring follow-up evaluation for you.